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You might have some questions! I'm here to help answer them. Read through these FAQs to learn more about me (as a human) or The Balance After Baby (my heart's work).

If you have further questions, feel free to email me:

  • Who are you and why did you start The Balance After Baby?
    So glad you asked! First off, my name is Chelsea Stivers. I'm married to my husband, Andy, and I have a son named Will. I am a Chicago native, met my husband when I was doing hair & makeup in Nashville, and we now live in South Florida as I finish up my Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. I have my A.A. and B.S. in psychology (and my cosmetology license, but that's a story for another day). I started The Balance After Baby because I was, to put it bluntly, M-A-D. I was furious that I had such a difficult time receiving help and support after giving birth to my son. I did not receive proper support or treatment for my postpartum depression and anxiety for over an entire year. I was educated in psychology and mental health, yet I found myself lost at sea without a boat or a compass. Did I lose you in that analogy? What I mean is, I should have had all the tools to help myself, but I didn't. There is a huge gap in support for women after giving birth and it needs to be fixed. I wrote up a blog post, slapped it on my personal facebook, got SO many messages and decided enough is enough. I will create my own space to help women just like me who deserve care, support, connection, and light. I started on Instagram in July 2020 and gained 10,000 followers in 4 months. The need was there. My heart was on fire. The rest is history, as they say.
  • What is The Balance After Baby all about?
    The Balance After Baby aims to provide women with balance between their mind and body after giving birth and beyond into motherhood. Now I know this may sound "crunchy" but give me a second to explain. Giving birth is a monumental event. It is completely life changing. We as a society do so much to prepare for pregancy and the actual act of giving birth (hello birthing classes!), but what happens after? For many of us, we lose all balance. Our minds and bodies seem to be completely off-kilter. The four main areas that are the most affected are the mind, body, identity, and connection. Our mental health and wellbeing, our pshyical bodies and recovery, our indentity and huge new role we have, and our connections to ourselves, our partners, our new babies, and the outside world. So The Balance After Baby is here to help balance those all out. I do this by providing information & education. After all, knowledge is power. I do this by providing connection with other mamas trying to find their balance too in our support community. And I do this by providing mentorship to those that wish to have more focused support custom tailored to their specific needs. Have more questions? Feel free to email me:
  • What exactly is "coaching" and how can I get more info on signing up?"
    The coaching I provide is private, 1:1 virtual support sessions. My philosophy is that you already have the tools you need within you to find your balance again. Sometimes, we just need a little extra help actually finding and using those tools again. I know I did! I use a stuctured system that I have created to hone in on finding balance between the mind, body, identity, and connections. Private coaching (sometimes I like to say "mentorship") allows me to custom tailor this system to your specific needs. Maybe you want to focus on finding YOU again, so we focus more on the identity category. Maybe you're struggling with managing the hard days mentally and need some balance in the mind catgeory. Virtual coaching's flexibility works well for expecting, new moms, and moms that just need to find that little extra spark again. Coaching is not meant to replace medical care or mental health services such as therapy. Coaching is an added resource to get you on the right track to being balanced and empowered. To inquire about booking please email:
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